May 25, 2014

Sunday Skies & Coffee Composting

As usual I am sitting at my computer 
drinking coffee as I type this.
Something about Sunday mornings 
drinking coffee that makes me want 
to talk. Could be that I live alone 
(the dog would be sad to read that) 
and no one I know is awake and 
anyone who is awake is not a 
morning person.

May 19, 2014

Unscheduled P

I'm sitting here at my computer listening to the noon news on TV while the dog is warmly curled up in the armchair on this chilly, rainy Monday Happy Victoria Day, folks!

May 7, 2014

Rainy Days On Crack

You know the old saying about April showers bring May flowers? Well, Mother Nature is a tad late. Day 2 of showers (in May!) and even though I love fresh rain, the cloudy skies put me in a drab mood.

And then I got hungry...

May 6, 2014

Welcome to Chilly P's Blog.

I'm an old-school chick at heart who is done runnin' non-stop in a constantly spinning (out of control) world. Proud corporate drop-out. Discovering that there was more to real life than a toxic, stressful (un)work(able) place, high blood pressure & ongoing headaches, Chilly P emerged. I am thrilled that I've found my love of life again & each day it is wonderful to just...BREATHE

I take a lot of time in my day for my ever-entertaining, trying but snuggable-huggable-lovable rescue lab every day. Long walks and talks keep us tight. Treats work too. She is a Blab - A Black Brindle Lab Blend.

I sputter. It means I haven't stopped moving forward.

What it is to be Chilly P

I'm just a simple girl who grew up in a complicated world and ended up a complex woman on an earth running off it's rails.

I love living my life and I possess the determination to have my best day every day. Why frown if I can smile? Happy.

I have more questions than answers. I have more brains than money. And I have more that I want to do than time will allow in this life. Hope.

I was raised in unadorned times, learning work ethic, respect and taught to appreciate every thing. Old-school.

I grew up gardening and fishing with my parents & siblings enjoying the fruits, vegetables and fish of our hard labours. Family.

The principles, lessons and morals my parents impressed upon me are the same rules I stand firmly by today. Authentic.

I love large dogs, small gestures of kindness and my daily, fresh, black coffee. I crave fresh air on sunny cool days, large laughter and abundant growth. Love.

I enjoy reading, crosswords, cross-stitch, walking, hiking, cooking, baking, preserving, social media, blogging, music, shopping, finding what makes people tick and so much more. Time.

I live life going against the grain. Misunderstood. 

I say things that need saying. Not appreciated.

I do what's right and will not cower to social pressures. Strong.

I point out injustice and don't tolerate intimidation. Determined.

"Those of you who don't put your pants on one leg at a time will continue to jump through hoops & never be true to you." -Weenz

My life is a journey that I spiritually walk alone but still seem to share with so many.

Chills xo

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