May 8, 2014

Let the Gardening Begin?

Tomato Seedlings

As I sit here at my computer scouring websites and online newspapers for a new job, my attention is drawn to my seed packets sitting on the edge of desk. I could shop for seeds all day every day and I could read each packet a million times and not tire of it.

Back in March the gardening bug hit me and I had to plant! Out came my domed mini greenhouse and the seeding started. My living room soon looked like a jungle with a colour scheme of green and black. Two months later and nothing has changed other than most of the flowers & vegetable were transplanted from their peaty-pots to larger cells and/or actual pots of their own.
We (my plants and I) are now into the middle of May and still waiting for the garden to dry up a bit so I can till it. I'm a bit antsy because I usually have the potatoes in the ground at the end of April so I am two weeks behind already. Our temperatures aren't the greatest yet either. We have a "high" of +9 C today and a low of -5 C (or 23 F). This is not warming the soil!I am never settled until everything is planted. It's nerve-wracking! And gardening is suppose to be relaxing. I DO love gardening! It's good for the soul.

They all look the same but these beauts
produce such different fruits.

Mortgage Lifter, Bush Beefsteak & Sweet 100's.
Italia & Ping Tung Eggplants
These appear tiny for the middle of May
but I didn't buy bedding plants last year
until May 26 last year & they weren't much
bigger than these little eggos.

These babies were planted as an after-thought.
thought I best plant them after I bought
more seeds that I didn't really need.
(One can never have enough seeds!)
Rutgers Tomatoes with Keystone Giants & Big Bertha Peppers

So just like every other year, I need to practice my patience. It just seems like too much when I have to have patience to PLANT the garden and then have more patience to HARVEST. Thankfully, I have more than enough other things to do around the house and yard to keep me busy. I've been doing everything on my own for so many years, I don't remember what's it's like to share duties. Perhaps I'll do a post on how I manage that! Oh, that will be a LONG post :)

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