May 7, 2014

Rainy Days On Crack

You know the old saying about April showers bring May flowers? Well, Mother Nature is a tad late. Day 2 of showers (in May!) and even though I love fresh rain, the cloudy skies put me in a drab mood.

And then I got hungry...
I was talking to my sister on the phone and she got tired of me "whining" about my stomach growling. She suggested I make egg salad. I told her I had very ripe avocados that needed to be eaten and that I should likely makes avocado brownies.

While I love their creamy texture, I dislike eating avs the way my sister devours them - plain with a spoon. E-yuk. But I hate to waste anything so job one was using the avs asap!

As I was still starving, I decided to make Twice On Crack AvEgg Salad. 

Super Silky Twice on Crack AvEgg Salad

 Avocados, hard boiled eggs, celery, mayo and salt 'n' cracked pepper all whipped together. Oops, out of bread. And buns. The closest thing to bread that I had in the house was flour and a bread maker and that was not happening. With this dilemma and still on the blower with my sister, she suggested crackers. And that was the smartest suggestion she gave me in a long time.

I had planned to have just plain old regular crackers on the side of my homemade Ham & Barley Soup but instead I used the crackers as my bread. I know, you may not think this is a big deal but for me, it's huge! I live by myself so I am vigilant about not wasting anything because food can spoil in a heart beat when only one person is eating the food. It's a constant fight.

To round this up...I had a lovely soup & open-faced "sandwich" lunch. All thanks to my inability to keep bread in the house, my need to use up two very ripe avocados and my sister's substitution solution. Thx sis!

It's still raining but my drab mood has diminished, I'm full and I now have new "bread" and a different & delicious way to use up my ripe avocados! You just never know what direction a day will go! 

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Let your smile shine!

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