May 25, 2014

Sunday Skies & Coffee Composting

As usual I am sitting at my computer 
drinking coffee as I type this.
Something about Sunday mornings 
drinking coffee that makes me want 
to talk. Could be that I live alone 
(the dog would be sad to read that) 
and no one I know is awake and 
anyone who is awake is not a 
morning person.

Since I opened my eyes, it has clouded over and it might rain. Typical forecast for May-October - variable cloud, intermittent sunshine, possibility of rain.

I have tilled my garden twice now and it is still not veggie-ready. We recently got a lot of rain and while the garden enjoys it, I can't get anything planted in concrete. I don't need anymore rain until I get the garden in. May 25 and nothing planted. Most would give up but not me. I've had late years before. If Mother Nature doesn't co-operate then I do a work around. Ok, I work around her schedule always and it is frustrating but have to work with what we can control.

I have a large yard and garden so the work never stops. I do LOVE being outside working. (I will make time to relax too eventually). Each year I do find that the work is getting harder and I'm not getting it done as fast as I'd like and I have to let some things slide. This morning I wondered why I've never met a man who has a love, I mean a really passion, for yardening & gardening. Surely, it would make for a match-made in  heaven! Wouldn't it? A girl can dream.

I'm not saying that guys who don't appreciate a kept yard and fresh-picked veggies aren't good guys, I'm just now, at 45, wondering why I've never even dated a dirt guy. Maybe that's why my relationships are few and far between. I just can't relate to someone who's Sunday morning priority is to get out on the golf course or out on the boat. Just. Cannot. Relate.

I would love a guy who wakes up and wants to have coffee outside and embrace the yard and garden: the colours, textures, smells and appreciate the hard work it took to have these pleasures. Someone who really saw the beauty in it.

Ah yes, a girl can dream.

Well, it was nice to have coffee with you and I hope you all have a great day. I'm going to work around mother nature and see what I can accomplish today. If all else fails, I can assemble the composter I bought for $5.00 yesterday. Poor guy had dragged it through 8 years & three moves and just wanted it gone from under his deck. So, he wasn't the man of my dreams obviously, but I love him for selling the composter so cheap! Now if I can just come across that one man who could appreciate a composting woman...

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