August 10, 2014


Cucumbers are my absolute most bestest, favouritest vegetables ever grown. I have loved, no, LOVED them since I first tasted them from the garden when I was a child. Some loves fade throughout the years but not my love of the cuke.

Baby Cukes August 3, 2014
Very late season

This year I planted multiple kinds of cucumbers to see which ones I preferred. I tried new ones (to me) Muncher, Corentine & Cool Breeze for the first time. While I had my garden planned out on paper and intended to plant it according to the plan, such did not happen. We had a slow, odd-weather spring. I didn't make time to soak the seeds and we had wicked rain season so a second planting was necessary.

Oh, the cukes grew but I've had to wait to see the actual cucumbers to see which variety they were.

Here is a sampling of what I've discovered so far:

Love Me Some Cukes!
August 9, 2014

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