August 5, 2014

Insert 'Busy' Here

I started this blog to share my life with you - whoever you are - and yet, I've been negligent on posting - anything. One thing I say a lot is 'Life gets busy' and truly, there aren't enough hours in the day. Things that aren't in my face glaring at me don't get the attention they deserve. But I digress...  I've been apologizing for 'me' my entire life and it's time to stop that.
Busy. With yard, garden, dog and life. This year was the year to trim trees. I only have three large trees and three bushes in my yard and yet, what a huge undertaking. I'm still chipping branches to use the wood chips around the yard. AND I still have eight of the largest branches on three trees to go. Lord help me push/pull the bow saw.

It has been too hot here for me. 25+C is not ideal for ME to work outside. Today will be 32+C so I will get housework, laundry and oddznendz done until later this afternoon.

The garden is coming along although we've had such an odd season. It was a month late getting started so everything is slow but a gardener learns to accept that for the most part, Lady Mother Nature will do what she pleases. 

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