August 31, 2014

Keeping up with All Things Bad

Ok, so no one is actually twisting my arm but I do feel strong-armed in my attempt to keep up with all things bad. All things bad like bananas that is.

Yesterday I was forced to use up some rapidly-ripening 'nanners. I'm not really complaining. The outcome was delicious.

As I am not as creative as I was a decade ago, my first job was sitting down in my favourite computer curl and scouring the internet for banana recipes. Aside from eating the goods, this is the best part of the process of being bad. The best part and worst part.

I have a somewhat-unhealthy habit of reading more recipes than I actually make. I have more recipe cards, recipe binders, cookbooks, cooking magazines and food-related articles saved to my favourites than I will ever possibly be able to use. And I LOVE it.

These are my top two banana recipes (of ALL time!):

Don't let the photos of my baking deter you from trying these recipes.
To DIE for!

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