August 31, 2014

Long Weekend Rain & Coffee

It could be worse. While we didn't exactly need the rain, I'll welcome a day or a few hours to just sit a spell. Curled up on my desk chair with fresh, black coffee and Andrea Bocelli singing softly from the front room - yes, could be worse.

Even though I will regret typing this when I read it in a few months during a 40 below blizzard, I am looking forward to a little hibernation. It's the end of August and I've spent my body entirely tending to yard work and my garden. Not to say that the rewards aren't fabulously repaid! It's just that this 45 year old isn't the vibrant, fit, give 'er shit 25 year old old chick anymore. If I had a motto these days it would likely read "Do your best but remember, a rest'll do ya good".

Now don't gasp but I am drinking instant coffee and I am quite enjoying it. Typing and drinking as I watch the rain lightly fall on this dreary, early morning.

Actually, I should have known that it would rain. I gave my lawn it's fall feeding last night. While I'm a fanatic about checking the weather, these days I'm just too tired to do just one more thing. Or so it feels. The sun is suppose to shine in 2-1/2 hours. I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, I am going to enjoy a hot java or two and just relax. Hmm, I think it's time to invest in another french coffee press for days just like this. French Coffee Press "Champagne"!

One of absolute favourite singers - Mr. Andrea Bocelli:

Not the most impressive garden shot but everything is very green for August 31.

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