August 10, 2014

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato sprouting July 2013
Last summer I decided to try to sprout the potatoes in water so I could plant my own sweet potatoes this spring and never need the grocer again for my sweet tater fix! My first mistake was having the potatoes the wrong way up in the water, I think.
Sweet Potato Vines in water July 2013
The vines grew like crazy in the water. I love sweet potato vines! 
 I read everything I could find online about successfully growing sweet potatoes. I even ordered money-well spent on the book, Ken Allan's  Growing Sweet Potatoes for the Northern Gardener_flyer.html. I found it to be a great, easy read with clear instructions. 

I thought if I could just get ahead of the season by sprouting my own sweet potatoes, I might get a tiny harvest by the fall of 2014.

August 3, 2014
Still indoors

August 3, 2014
Sweet potato vines

By the time spring 2014 rolled around, I had plenty of Sweet Potato vines as you can see from the photos.
However, I was not up to the task to warming the garden soil just to get a few spuds. 

Here sit my Was-Gonna-Be Sweet Potato Harvest.
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August 10, 2014
Potted outside

I haven't counted myself out completely from ever growing some Sweet Potatoes in my garden. I'm not sure what the push will be but I'm sure I will give it a whirl one of these years! 

Until then, the three different colours of the potted sweet potato vines lounging outside in the sun right now are pleasure enough :) 

November 10, 2014 update - 
The cool fall weather withered my pretty vines but left me with more hope for actually getting a sweet potato next year!
When I tipped the plant out of the pot, look what I found! Maybe if I had transplanted my vines in a bigger pot, I would be eating my very first home grown potato! I can't wait for next spring!


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