August 6, 2014

Swiss Chard

So, swiss chard isn't my favourite leafy vegetable, it is good for me. I added small, newer leaves to salad and for the large, overgrown leaves, I blanch and freeze them to use in stews and soups that I make during the winter.

Bright & Neon Lights Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard ready to be cleaned, blanched & frozen!

Frozen bundles of swiss chard

Update November 8, 2014 -

It happens every year. Fall arrives and the garden must come to an end. 
But does it have to? 
While tilling my garden, I didn't have the heart to shred and compost 
my swiss chard that was still going strong. 
Instead I dug out a few to take into the house. 
Here they are! They make me happy!

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