May 6, 2014

Welcome to Chilly P's Blog.

I'm an old-school chick at heart who is done runnin' non-stop in a constantly spinning (out of control) world. Proud corporate drop-out. Discovering that there was more to real life than a toxic, stressful (un)work(able) place, high blood pressure & ongoing headaches, Chilly P emerged. I am thrilled that I've found my love of life again & each day it is wonderful to just...BREATHE

I take a lot of time in my day for my ever-entertaining, trying but snuggable-huggable-lovable rescue lab every day. Long walks and talks keep us tight. Treats work too. She is a Blab - A Black Brindle Lab Blend.

I sputter. It means I haven't stopped moving forward.

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