May 6, 2014

What it is to be Chilly P

I'm just a simple girl who grew up in a complicated world and ended up a complex woman on an earth running off it's rails.

I love living my life and I possess the determination to have my best day every day. Why frown if I can smile? Happy.

I have more questions than answers. I have more brains than money. And I have more that I want to do than time will allow in this life. Hope.

I was raised in unadorned times, learning work ethic, respect and taught to appreciate every thing. Old-school.

I grew up gardening and fishing with my parents & siblings enjoying the fruits, vegetables and fish of our hard labours. Family.

The principles, lessons and morals my parents impressed upon me are the same rules I stand firmly by today. Authentic.

I love large dogs, small gestures of kindness and my daily, fresh, black coffee. I crave fresh air on sunny cool days, large laughter and abundant growth. Love.

I enjoy reading, crosswords, cross-stitch, walking, hiking, cooking, baking, preserving, social media, blogging, music, shopping, finding what makes people tick and so much more. Time.

I live life going against the grain. Misunderstood. 

I say things that need saying. Not appreciated.

I do what's right and will not cower to social pressures. Strong.

I point out injustice and don't tolerate intimidation. Determined.

"Those of you who don't put your pants on one leg at a time will continue to jump through hoops & never be true to you." -Weenz

My life is a journey that I spiritually walk alone but still seem to share with so many.

Chills xo

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