September 3, 2014

Sorrow for Mankind

Last evening was upsetting to me. Not that my feelings matter in this case but I guess I was just surprised by how I felt.

As usual at 6pm I turn the tv on and watch or at least listen to the evening news. And last night was no exception. Even though our tv news comes from a city 2 hours away, they have local stories showing quite regularly. (By the way, it sucks not having an actual local news station).

I quite expected the first story up to be about a 31 year old cyclist biking through town raising money for an organization when he was struck by a vehicle on our highway and sadly, he did not survive.

This morning I cannot remember what else was on the news. Everything else seemed insignificant when I  heard that another American Journalist was beheaded by the horrific and violent terrorists in Syria.

Now, I will not profess to know or even understand a lot about foreign politics or religions but I do know that the cruelty this Islamic militant extremist group possesses is something my grey matter cannot grab.

Part of make-up is my skepticism of all things. If I cannot touch it or see it, it's not necessarily real. I don't often trust in governments and definitely question politicians and their motives.

As I did with the news of the first beheading, I began to search the internet for the videos that were said to have been posted as evidence and as a threat toward the American president. This time I found the video. And I viewed it. This was my first mistake.

Once you view a video of a beheading, you CANNOT unsee it.

While I am not educated in foreign policies or in tune with our defense systems, I do know that the images I witnessed on that video have affected me to a degree that I have never felt and the images are sketched in my memory.

I ran through the gammit of emotions, didn't sleep well and it was the first thing on my mind this morning. While I understand this is not the first inhumane act that has gone on in other countries, I saw this unbelievable scene with my own eyes. I cannot even fully express my feelings. As I stated, not that my feelings matter in this situation. The question I keep asking myself is how can one human being be that cruel to another human being? HOW? In spite of the the reasons why, I keep wondering 'how'. I now know I am naive when I think that all people have SOME compassion for their fellow man.

I'm not sure how I will deal with this issue in my own world but I know I must but right now I think I am grieving the loss of the simple, mutual compassion I thought mankind possessed. And then I think of the families of the deceased. I can't even imagine what they must be going through. My heart breaks for them. My heart breaks for all of us.

At this point, I haven't heard what the American government plans to do to stop the killings. I just want it to stop.

I do believe I needed to see that video as a means of educating and proving that these horrific acts are indeed happening. That video really brought it home for me. Two American journalists slain within a two week period and a threat of a third beheading; this time to a British hostage.  When will this violence stop?

Part of me doesn't want to believe what I saw but I saw it and it is real. This reality has given me renewed sorrow for mankind and at least for now, everything in my little life is in perspective.

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