June 15, 2016

Asiatic Lilies

This mini-drove of Asiatic Lilies were waiting for me when I returned home from a trip a dozen or so years ago.

I had wrangled the guy I was dating at the time to look after my place while I was away for a few weeks. One day his parents came over to my house with him. His mother brought and planted some Yellow Sedum, Orange Lilies, Spiderwort and a Hosta in my front flower beds!

The Sedum has thrived, died and thrived again. The Spiderwort, Hosta and Lilies have all been divided and set down new roots elsewhere within the yard.

The Spiderwort that just won't die is still in the front bed but is also along the fence line by the shed. It makes that mess of an area a little more tolerable to visit.

The single Hosta that grew to such a gigantic size in my narrow front bed is now a four-Hosta row lining a corner of my main garden plus the original transplant is still in it's first home looking out on the street.

The Lilies had filled the front flower bed to a capacity where they were taking all the attention and the tulips were getting squeezed out.  I had to dig up, divide the lilies and transplant them into my main garden. It was a good decision and the mini-drove has received many compliments in the last couple years.

"Wrangle" and I didn't date very long but his mother was the best "mother-in-law" I've had and I would have loved to keep her! She loved to garden and her own yard was beautifully landscaped with vegetables and many plants and flowering annual & perennials. I asked for a guided tour of her gardens every time I visited.

And if memory serves me, I believe it was a fellow flower lover and horse whisperer, Renaissance Farm who suggested to me earlier this year that these lilies that I was calling "Tiger Lilies" were actually Asiatic Lilies. Grateful for online friends!

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