March 6, 2017

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Torte

 I made this Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Torte for myself this Valentine's Day because I love myself and I love Anna Olson's delicious baking creations. Ok really I need a fab dessert to present to my neighbour for allowing her husband to come over with his snow blower and clear the white stuff. He won't let me pay him and when asked what I can do to thank him, he said, "My wife loved that cake you made her last summer. You could make her a dessert." So, I am. I just wanted to try a new recipe of Anna Olson's and this recipe looked interesting and tasty. My guinea pigs (my good-humoured friends) loved this torte!

It was my first stab at this recipe and I made a couple of minor mistakes but it turned out pretty good. I kept a quarter of it for me and gave the rest to friends who LOVED it.

I feel like an adult when I eat this dessert. This torte is rich with a only a hint of sweetness. You'll want to devour the slab but don't be fooled. This combo of chocolate and raspberry is so rich and full that only a sliver of it will satisfy even the biggest dessert lover.

You can find the recipe Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Torte on the Food Network. I hope you enjoy this dessert! It's well worth the effort!

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