March 2, 2017

I Beg Your Pardon. I Didn't Promise Deer A Buffet Garden

2016 was my first year planting Malva.

I started a few seeds indoors in early spring.
They quickly germinated.
The tiny seedlings gave me zero issues.

The seedlings were transplanted out in the garden after last frost. 
There were a few consecutive nights when the deer thought the
Malva was part of their nightly buffet.
They did a fairly damaging job but the Malva plant was only briefly stunted.

While the look of the entire Malva plant didn't thrill me
it appears somewhat unruly. I'm blaming the trespassing, noshing wildlife), I found the flowers themselves delightfuland enjoyed the ongoing abundance of blooms! (The photo below was taken in September so the plant really is looking a little worse for wear)

This flowering plant is a fighter. It wants to flower and it does!

I'm starting malva seedlings indoors this spring (from seed saved from 2016)
because what do you need more than more seedlings? More Malva!

...along with the sunshine 🌞 , there's gotta be a little rain ☔ sometimes.

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