March 2, 2017

Oriental Lilies

In May of  2016, I picked up a pack of three Oriental Lilies while at the local Co-Op buying groceries. I thought for $3.99 even if they didn't produce any blooms, I was only losing four bucks.

I planted the bulbs out in the main garden beside the Malva
flowers. I was pleasantly surprised that through all our spring rains (tons!) the lilies not only sprouted, I got three lovely blooms!

I had originally picked up the lilies because of the box photo of the white lily with pink speckles. The lilies don't look exactly like the photo on the box once they flowered but I think they were still spectacular. I thoroughly enjoyed the two white and one magenta-coloured oriental lily blooms, as the only lilies I have ever had in my yard are the orange Asiatic Lilies.

In October of 2016 I decided to move the Oriental Lily bulbs from the main garden to the front flower bed. It's not that the lilies didn't do well in their first dirt home, it's that I want to see the blooms every time I look out my front picture window.

For 4 bucks I got three bulbs that produced three gorgeous lily flowers. Even if they don't ever bloom again, that wasn't the worst four dollars I've ever spent.

So now I wait to see if the bulbs produce again after their move. Spring is an exciting time around here! The wait is half the fun...and it also helps me work on my patience.

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